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Carbide rods supplier

Shipping carbide

Carbide supplier

We supply solid carbide rods and carbide blanks in ground condition. We supply rods and blanks made from tungsten carbide in all of Europe. We guarantee immediate shipment from our warehouse. When you choose us as your carbide partner, you can experience our quick order processing yourself.

Carbide rods

We have one grade available for al our carbide products. Our carbide range is based on 10% cobalt. If you like to get product information about the specifications regarding to grain size, density, hardness and breaking strength, feel free to contact us.

The diameter of our carbide rods have a diameter that varies between Ø3 and Ø32. And they come in a length of 330 mm.. Check out our range to find the carbide blank or rod you need.


Carbide blanks

Besides our long carbide rods we also have the most common lengths for our carbide blanks available.

We have multiple fixed lengths available that start at a lenght of 38 mm. Our carbide blanks are available in diameters from Ø3 to Ø25. All our carbide materials are in ground condition.

If you didn't find the rod or blank you were looking for you can also send us your request.

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