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Carbide milling cutters and drills

Carbide Shop



The goal of is to create a digital platform where supply and demand meet: You as a customer can very easily order your carbide rods, and we ensure immediate delivery. Discover everything about our carbide.

We aim to get products in stock to the delivery destination within 24-48 hours. Thanks to the standardisation of our processes, we can offer you the best price!

No frills or shiny logo on a building, but everything to keep the costs as low as possible. Efficiency comes first in our commitment to offer a diverse range of products. Experience all benefits of Carbide Shop as your trusted carbide partner!


Doing everything to keep the costs for our customers as low as possible, that was our primary issue.

The solution Carbide Shop B.V. offers: making sure the price is as low as possible without losing sight of quality!


Thanks to strategic purchasing, we offer superior quality at market prices. With Carbide Shop B.V., you enjoy special ordering convenience and very fast delivery.

No frills, just placing your order very easily.


In addition to standard sizes such as Ø6 x 57 till Ø25 x Ø104, we of course also offer all sizes in between.

These include Ø4, Ø8, Ø10 and Ø12 in various lengths, up to 330 mm.


So if you're looking for top quality carbide rods, then this is the right place! Would you like to order immediately?


Do you have a question about our products? Please feel free to contact us as we would be happy to tell you more.

Carbide cutting tools
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